Sublimation gift box for mugs

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Sublimation carton gift box for mugs. Item can only be ordered printed and in combination with a printed mug: MO8040, MO8422, MO9156, MO6118, MO6117, KC7062, MO6849, MO6208, MO6889, MO6849, MO6840, MO9243, MO9242, MO7344, MO9451, MO8831, MO8316, MO9244, MO8313, MO6600, MO6918, MO6873, MO9756, MO6460, MO6363, MO9719, MO6917, MO6553.

10,5X10X10 CM

Additional information

Weight 0,029 kg
Color: White